Virtual Gallery My México by Quilters de México Partial sponsorship provided by Reynolds and Associates PLLC ﷯ The Texas Quilt Museum proudly premiers the first U.S. exhibition from Quilters de México. While México is a country whose heritage is not in patchwork or quilting, it does have an ancient tradition of woven textiles, embroidery, and dyeing with natural materials. Quilters de México promotes patchwork and quilting, seeking to intertwine México’s own heritage with that of European countries and the United States. Patchwork and quilting began in México in a rather isolated way around 30 years ago. Little by little, the craft has been taking root, and the number of quilters is constantly growing, with about 5000 quilters in México today. The practice of gathering in guilds or quilting bees is not very common in México. There are only a few actual groups, generally started by foreigners who organized them while living in México. These have been continued by members who are mostly Mexican, like the artists in our My México exhibition. Dr. Sandra Sider, who curated this collection from the 10th Expo Patchwork & Quilt in México City, selected quilts imbued with the colors, history, and spiritual worlds of our fascinating neighbor to the south.

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